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Why is SEO important for Business

The world of brand awareness and adverting has changed but for the better because of the internet.  The days of Billboards, radio ads, newspaper ads and the Yellow pages may still exist within the marketing mix, but the power of the internet is quickly trumping these tactics.  Today small and midsize businesses can compete equally with the big companies.  We know that according to Google 97% of all searches for products and services are starting online first.  Just think of how you search for things now.  When was the last time you opened up a Yellow pages?  Because of these changes it is more important than ever to accept and capitalize on the power of the internet.  You can do this by engaging in an SEO plan for your business.


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Pay Per Click Advertising Tips

So you want a targeted ad campaign directed at your specific potential prospects.  Well is could be said that “Pay-per-click advertising is the greatest direct response medium ever created. ” PPC Advertising allows you to target specific traffic to your website, targeted traffic that attracts hot leads and prospects likely to contact and buy from you.

Some business owners have pay-per-click marketing to thank for their entire existence and growth. Others have replaced their traditional advertising budget at a fraction of the cost to advertise online with better results.

Now social media marketing has changed the playing field, However, search engines like Google and Bing still bring 70-90% of all traffic or visitors to websites on average.


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