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B2B Online Marketing

While trade events and direct sales marketing efforts are often cited as a top avenue for B2B marketing,internet marketing is also becoming essential.Current figures show that 93 percent of business buyers start their product research on search engines like Google,Bing and Yahoo. However,companies in the B2B realm have been slower to embrace online marketing.They know who their customers are,and they rely on longstanding channels to reach them.

If you’re stuck and continue to be beholding to only traditional customer acquisition methods,you’re missing an opportunity.If you think your competitors are not yet engaged in a comprehensive online marketing campaign, then this is your opportunity to get a leg up on them. If they are already engaged with online marketing,you need to make sure you catch up and pass them.

Online marketing efforts for B2B businesses are different from B2C online marketing.The good news is B2B is a little easier. Why, because in B2B marketing you know exactly who your customer is. The challenge in marketing to this B2B customer base is there are many individuals involved in the final decision. Therefore, you have to engage a B2B customer organization at many levels. Additionally, B2B marketing needs address in many cases long transaction periods.


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