Truck Driver Recruitment

How would you like to generate 10, 20 or even 30 + qualified driver leads every single month on demand and with predictability?

Most Fleet owners would. So why don’t they?

Well most fleet owners don’t deploy a focused campaign in their business as it relates to driver recruitment. They have no trigger to pull to connect with potential qualified drivers for their business.

If you want to have success in getting more drivers to your business, you have to have a trigger to fire that campaign at the location where potential qualified drivers are looking for work or are ready to make a change NOW!

When it comes to finding more drivers, the truth is many fleet owners wake up every day worrying about missing earnings due to unseated trucks, potential turnover or a need to add more drivers and wondering where their next driver is going to come from.

In the end they’re left wondering how they are going to continue to grow their business and service their clients.

This issue is real for fleet owners across the country.

Denali & Associates has found the answer and we have the experience to help you solve this problem. We know what works and what doesn’t.

To execute this predictable driver recruitment system correctly you need to get these four things in alignment

  • Message
  • Target market
  • Media
  • System

Denali & Associates Campaigns focus on the tactics online that work.

At Denali & Associates, we specialize in:

  • Keyword research targeting the right keywords online that drive potential qualified drivers to your business
  • Landing page that explains the value of driving for your Company
  • Development of a responsive lead capture form
  • Online Campaigns with the platforms that work
  • Ad development
  • Campaign and Budget Management

Denali & Associates focuses on a specific custom strategy and execution to help solve the two biggest problems fleet owners have in acquiring new qualified drivers.

#1 Is generating traffic from the targeted 3% of high value drivers ready to make a move now.

#2 Is the conversion and making sure you have the right system that takes the traffic and converts it into a quality driver application, one that is predictable down to the dollar.

Each client we work with is unique and has his/her own needs. We work with you one-on-one to customize a Driver Recruitment plan that will fit your business and your needs. We are not interested in a one-time sale. We are interested in a partnership to build a campaign that drives Class A Qualified CDL Drivers to your business.  Why keep struggling finding more drivers when you can have Denali & Associates use its experience and take advantage of our track record so you can add more drivers and grow your revenues.

We measure everything, and you’ll be able to see in monthly reports how your campaign is working and how your dollars are being utilized in the most effective way possible.  Once your campaign is in place it only gets better the longer it’s in place.  Because driver acquisition is an ongoing challenge for every fleet owner, you’ll have a process in place that continues to provide access to more and more driver leads every month.

If you are an owner or senior executive looking for a predictable way to generate qualified drivers on demand and you’re looking for a proven system that takes the hassle out of adding or replacing drivers ……Then you’re definitely in the right place.

Who is this strategy session for?

  • Fleet owners, Senior executives with decision making authority
  • Fleet owners in the trucking business, either For Hire Truckload Carriers, Private Fleets, LTL & the Moving & Storage industry,
  • Owners that understand that they need to have some “skin in the game” they understand that they need to invest some money and invest in their business to take it to the next level.
  • Fleet owners who are tired of the constant barrage of different and confusing tactics and programs put in front of them and are just looking for the right system that works.

Denali & Associates are here for you and we are ready to help.

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