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Our social media marketing team is made up of experienced experts with real-world experience in helping clients achieve their marketing goals.

We are a full-service web design and internet marketing agency – whatever our clients need online, we can provide. But our focus isn’t on selling services to clients – it’s on partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals. We offer turn-key social media Ads marketing services to our clients including strategy, implementation.

At Denali & Associates we help them to define their strategy and select tactics, and how to measure their SROI (social return on investment). There are a lot of agencies out there who will offer to help you design and implement a full-fledged SMM campaign – but we’re proud of being recognized as one of the few that actually becomes a strategic partner with our clients.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

We’d define social media marketing this way: To increase sales by promoting a product or service via social media platforms like Meta (Facebook), X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and others, using a range of marketing communications tools and techniques.

Your business needs social media marketing. Social Media is the new PR. It allows you to share community interests. It allows you to brand your business and become a valuable resource for your followers.

How we build Ads to get results

Step 1: Analysis
We will analyze your current social media efforts, focusing on effectiveness and reach.

  • Who is your target demographic?
  • Who is your target audience? (B2B, B2C?)
  • What social networks are most popular among your target audience/demographic?
  • What is the objective of your social media efforts? (Drive traffic, leads, increase brand awareness or promote a specific product?)

Step 2: Content
Engaging and unique content is vital to your success. Your Ads need to connect with potential applicants or buyers and get them to take action.

The content strategy that Denali & Associates LLC will build for you is based on a number of variables:

  • Which social networks are your customers using?
  • Your business’ industry and region
  • The “voice” you want to project. (Humorous, relaxed, aggressive, highly professional)

Step 3: Execute
We will create graphics for each page or Ad to match the look and feel of your company’s website, and will ensure that each Ad we make is designed to grab the attention of the major search engines.

Step 4: Reporting
You will receive monthly analytics accompanied by interpretation and recommendations from your strategist if we are managing any of your paid targeted social marketing ads (Facebook Ads).

Why Bother with Social Media Marketing?

Social media gives business owners powerful tools for reaching thousands of prospects and clients at the click of a mouse. However, you need a strong business strategy and knowledge of online marketing before these tools will deliver measurable return on investment.

We build the metrics and measurement analytics in to our SMM campaigns from the beginning – so you’ll know how to measure the results you get before you spend a dollar on social media marketing. Collecting the right data, and analyzing it with a view towards long-term success, is just part of the strong business mind-set we bring to every client project.

Your website is the most critical part of your social media strategy. If it isn’t ready to convert browsers into customers, with well-written, easy-to-navigate, attractive pages that are optimized so the search engines can help potential customers find you, then that should be addressed before you invest heavily in a social media Ad campaign. (Got questions about what makes a website “social media ready”? Talk to one of our web experts today.)

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