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Internet Marketing – who needs it.

If we’re honest with ourselves,the current economy is nowhere near where it could be. There are a record number of local businesses that are looking for a way to make more money and dominate their niche. Many are hoping to be in business next year. The old ways of marketing are not working anymore. Print media is disappearing.

You as a business owner don’t know where to turn and you don’t have the time or expertise to solve your marketing problems – you’re trying to run your business.

An estimated seventy seven billion advertising dollars is shifting online (Internet), but local businesses have been last to move. Why, because local marketing firms have been concentrating on big businesses, because that is where the big money is. This has resulted in local businesses having to fend for themselves. Many local businesses now recognize that it’s time to make a move. However,they don’t know how to do it, nor do they have the time.


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