Pay Per Click Advertising Tips

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We will take a look at four different platforms. Google, Bing, YouTube and Facebook.

Why place Ads in the first place using PPC (Pay per Click). First,Ads will produce traffic in less than twenty four hours. Second, PPC allows you to test out Ads and Keyword phases without breaking the bank. Always test first to determine the best phrases and ads that produce the appropriate results. Third, PPC allows for Geo – Targeting. You can really drill down on the market and demographic that you’re looking to drive business from. And lastly,you only pay for clicks to your Ad.

Traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization)takes 6 – 12 months,while PPC gets you to the first page of Google while you build your SEO organically.

In the design set up phase,make sure you are sending customers to a separate home page that discusses what your PPC is advertising for. On your separate landing page, have a clear call to action and only one call to action. Make it easy for the customer to connect with you. Make sure you have a Google conversion code on the backend. Measure and track the landing page with Google analytics.

When you’re developing your Ads, use killer copy. Split test two ads. One word can make a huge difference in the success of your campaign. Play with spacing and capitalization.

Do your due diligence in developing a campaign and determining what keywords are best. Check out the competition. What ads are they running? Use Spyfu to snipe what your competitors are doing. Pick your keywords first. Long-tail keywords are best (2-3 words and above) – you’ll save money here. With PPC, you need to position your ad in the top one or two spots for it to a difference. When determining keywords focus heavily on negative keywords,example free, cheap etc. check the box and type these words so you never show up for these.
Start with $10.00/day. Run ads where you can offer a customer service. Keep running the ads that are converting. You will know which ones are over a one to three month testing period. Eliminate non-performing phases.

Bing is still viable. Traffic is about 90% less, but ads tend to be much cheaper. Test out high converting Google phases on Bing.

YouTube ads are as little as two cents a click. Bid on long tail keyword phases. Use a call to action oriented video. Split test ads,and indicate the negative keywords you never want to show up for. Again, always have a separate landing page.

With Facebook ads you can be laser targeted to a certain group. Use disruption marketing tactics. Show one of your ads on a competitors Facebook page. Or you could run a no action Branding ad using a phrase like “John Doe is a world class Plumber”. Some of the targeted keyword options include; location, interests, gender, profession. Ad options could be used to direct traffic to a fan page, drive traffic to a landing page. Do (click per Impression).

PPC is a great first step in developing your presence online while you develop your organic SEO campaign. If you choose to go this route in your advertising, our recommend order of preference would be Google, Facebook, YouTube and then Bing. Happy PPC advertising. 1-800-755-2066


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