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The Video Revolution is Here

Are you Leveraging Video in your Online Marketing Strategy

  • 100 billion dollars of advertising have moved from Print/TV/ Radio to the Internet.
  • But the Internet is crowded and you have to stand out.
  • Video is the Key to tell your story, pre-sell and pre-motivate your prospects.
  • Most businesses don’t have video on their websites home page and that’s a big mistake.
  • There are all kinds of video content you could provide your visitors.

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Video Production Services

  • Video for a free consultation
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Live event Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Corporate Videos – we take your corporate brochure and put it in action.
  • Animated Videos are Very Hot.

For companies that have a signature video on their website , visitors will stay on that site for an average of 6 minutes verses under a minute without a video.

A Sizzle Video – tells about your company and services. Use it for three to Five years. It will be the best money you ever invested.

At Denali & Associates we craft a beautiful story board, script and we use professional actors and voice overs. We’ll develop a video that your company can be proud of and your customers will love.

Every business should have video as part of their marketing plan. People just prefer to watch video when learning about a business, product or service. Give your customers and potential customers what they want. Connect with them. VIDEO will help you connect and convert prospects into paying customers.

Our talented video production specialist make it easy for your business to have a professionally produced powerful video. And we have created packages to suit all most every budgets. We would love to work with you, and we’re excited that you’re planning on using video to tell your unique story.

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