Video SEO – Dominate search and convert more prospects

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Video marketing is the fastest growing trend.  Google saw this trend and bought Youtube for 1.65 Billion dollars

And if you can believe it,  it was only six years ago that computers got fast enough to even stream video. With dial up. Now it’s the norm.  Online video allows you to speak to your customers about  your business much more personally. A good video shows the pride you have for your business.  It allows you to connect, while at the same time providing information about your Company, product and service.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well a 60 second video has 1.8 million impressions on it.

Video SEO, has become the quickest and easiest method to get your story onto Page one of Google. This very powerful online marketing tactic is more of a rifle approach. It’s designed to target a couple Specific Keyword phases. And dominate those phases.

I know, a 5 year old can download a video onto YouTube.  Video SEO is designed to move your video to page one of Google.

How does it work:  you decide on the specific city, and Keyword Phases that you want to target. Your video producer will write the scripts and storyboards for your video, you could add in a local video shoot, and then your Online Marketing SEO Developer will write the content around the video to get you a page one ranking. Now keep in mind, Video SEO may not work for highly competitive Keywords in Major cities.  Check with your SEO specialist  to determine if Video SEO will work for you in your location.  However, for the business that wants to dominate on page one in their respective city for their product or service, there is nothing like Video SEO.  

Imagine, a video thumbnail on page one of Google for your business.

What’s the big deal? Well when you have a Video Thumbnail on page one , people are 3-4 times more likely to click on that video than the text on the page. (Forester Research). Google likes video, and one reason is that they own YouTube.  It’s a win win for them and you.  Video is 53 times more likely to produce a page one search result. (Forester Research). Your potential customer goes to Google to find the product and or service in their area, you pop up on Page one “with a Video thumbnail” they open up the video and there’s your perfect story. People just prefer to watch video.

If your a small business, and you want to dominate the market with your product and service than Video SEO should be apart of your Marketing plan.  You just have to ask yourself, “can I handle more customers”. Because they’re going to be coming if you use this tactic.  Remember, video sells.  And at the end of the day it’s about conversions.


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